“Amazing, unbelievable and incomparable are the only words to describe the amazing feats of Nick Lewin.” What’s On in Las Vegas

"Anyone who thinks you can’t do two things well, should see Lewin seamlessly blend reality and fantasy, magic and comedy. Reality suddenly becomes helluva concept!” The Los Angeles Times

“All of Lewin’s material seemed so fresh - it was just awesome! I’d give him a ten, he was great.” The Austin Chronicle

"Had the audience in the palm of his hand” The Hollywood Reporter

“Lewin blends impeccable sleight of hand with a razor sharp
British wit.”
 Entertainment Today

"Smooth and skillful, this Brit is a hit!” Showbiz Weekly

"One of the best in the business…” The New Jersey Star-Ledger

“The audience were on their feet cheering….” Showtime Magazine